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The World’s only 3-in-1 Smartphone Platform to Celebrate and Follow Spoken Words

Tell stories, Recite poetries, Champion causes, Preserve oral memories, Promote literature, Share interests… At ease, In any Language. Join a worldwide community of storytellers !

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They love Justori

With Justori, not only can I receive instant feedback and encouragement for my stories, I enjoy experiencing the creativity of others' unique stories. Justori taps into our intellect and creativity to bring international strangers together celebrating art, culture, and diversity.

Lolita Gentry Prj

Honolulu, USA

Justori provides a platform to heard voice. Telling a tale or reciting a poem creates an intimacy that reaches the heart and conveys more deeply the content of the material and leaves a lasting impression.


Rishikesh, India

Writers often ask themselves if they’re storytellers as well, if their narratives are really catchy. Justori provides them an infallible acid test: listeners who have no reason to be complacent.


Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Justori is a great and unique app to bridge communities around the world. Looking forward to hearing stories in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu.


London, United Kingdom

Today, when people don't want to read, and humanity is suffering from rabid individualism and extreme loneliness, Justori is a powerful audio platform that helps them from gathering knowledge all the way to expressing their innermost feelings. What's more, they can laugh too, at home or while driving the car. Justori is absolutely new oxygen. Godsend!

Partha NYC

New York, USA

I like listening to different voices. Justori allows me to immerse myself in different worlds and enrich my horizons. I'll be tempted to say: A story a day keeps the doctor away


Nantes, France

Justori, what a pleasure to dive into the world of stories and settings, shared with such passion. Voices of all age take us around the world in a time-jacket for absolute discoveries.


Anger, France

Justori is an awesome project! I like the idea of being able to record stories and anecdotes in a simple way to share them publicly with the world.


Quito, Ecuador

Listen and tell with Justori

Discover Re-discover

People, Languages, Storytelling styles

Tell stories from forgotten pages of history, counter-cultures and less known world.

Rani Padmini The Tod Version
Champion Causes

Voice Opinions, Start a Debate and Create Awareness

Make the world a better place, start a discussion.

Bridge Generation

Community and People

Keep alive your traditional stories by passing them on to your grandkids and community members living away from you.

How mosquitoes came to Finmarken
Promote Talent

Writers, Poets, Performing artists, Translators

Read out excerpts, talk about your work, translate into other languages, build up followership, get feedback and engage with your followers.

Lamb to the Slaughter
Enjoy Leisurely

Stories, Poetries, A Cappella,Travelogue

Record favourite stories, recite poetries, sing along without instruments, creatively and collaboratively narrate stories with others.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron
Share Interest

Knowledge, Information, News, Passion

From medical to musical, traditional to current affairs, hobbies to recipes.

Endometriosis:Living in pain and in fear of the pain:My struggle.
Perfect Skills

Elocution, Diction, Public Speaking

Hone your children’s ability to express clearly and interestingly - an essential life skill.

My School
Preserve Memories

Culture, Oral traditions, Family History

Record your memoirs, biographies, anecdotes of real events for future generations to marvel about.

Festival of Colours at the Village of Sweet Fragrance